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Unambiguous observation of F-atom core-hole localization in CF4 through body-frame photoelectron angular distributions

  • Author(s): McCurdy, CW
  • Rescigno, TN
  • Trevisan, CS
  • Lucchese, RR
  • Gaire, B
  • Menssen, A
  • Schöffler, MS
  • Gatton, A
  • Neff, J
  • Stammer, PM
  • Rist, J
  • Eckart, S
  • Berry, B
  • Severt, T
  • Sartor, J
  • Moradmand, A
  • Jahnke, T
  • Landers, AL
  • Williams, JB
  • Ben-Itzhak, I
  • Dörner, R
  • Belkacem, A
  • Weber, T
  • et al.

© 2017 American Physical Society. A dramatic symmetry breaking in K-shell photoionization of the CF4 molecule in which a core-hole vacancy is created in one of four equivalent fluorine atoms is displayed in the molecular frame angular distribution of the photoelectrons. Observing the photoejected electron in coincidence with an F+ atomic ion after Auger decay is shown to select the dissociation path where the core hole was localized almost exclusively on that atom. A combination of measurements and ab initio calculations of the photoelectron angular distribution in the frame of the recoiling CF3+ and F+ atoms elucidates the underlying physics that derives from the Ne-like valence structure of the F(1s-1) core-excited atom.

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