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Dorsomedial hypothalamic prodynorphin neuron is crucial for expression of food anticipation in mice

  • Author(s): Kuo, Tzu-wei
  • Advisor(s): Knight, Zachary
  • Ptacek, Louis
  • et al.
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DMH prodynorphin neuron (PdynDMH) is robustly activated when mice consume a large amount of food. The role of PdynDMH in feeding behaviors, however, is unknown. Here we show that PdynDMH activity arises before the incoming food intake, and exhibits sustained activity during feeding process. Optogenetically stimulating PdynDMH leads to autonomic activation that increases brown adipose fat (BAT) thermogenesis, blood pressure and locomotor activity. Silencing PdynDMH abolishes the anticipatory BAT thermogenesis and locomotor activity to food in both fed and scheduled feeding conditions. Together, these results demonstrate that PdynDMH is critical for mice to express anticipatory responses to food.

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