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Out of the Box Thinking: Inspiring Ways to Use Existing Technology to Create E-learning Objects. 

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Instruction librarians are constantly looking for ways in which they can reach more students with fewer resources. Often times the sought after solution to this problem is to move instruction to an asynchronous online environment through the creation of e-learning objects. Yet this technology solution often comes with a hefty price tag that includes software license fees, training, and technology support. Many rapid authoring tools and other innovative teaching technologies used in the creation of e-learning objects simply cost more than many library department budgets can afford. This presentation will demonstrate ways in which software applications can be utilized beyond their intended purposes to develop e-learning objects. Presentation attendees will leave inspired to creatively start thinking about how they too can use their existing technology applications beyond the initial stated purpose for e-learning object creation. As a result, librarians and others will begin to see ways in which they too can meet the demands for asynchronous online learning while working within budgetary constraints.

Presented at AAAS-Pacific Division Library Symposium 2018

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