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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Heavy Physics Contributions to Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay from QCD.

  • Author(s): Nicholson, A
  • Berkowitz, E
  • Monge-Camacho, H
  • Brantley, D
  • Garron, N
  • Chang, CC
  • Rinaldi, E
  • Clark, MA
  • Joó, B
  • Kurth, T
  • Tiburzi, BC
  • Vranas, P
  • Walker-Loud, A
  • et al.

Observation of neutrinoless double beta decay, a lepton number violating process that has been proposed to clarify the nature of neutrino masses, has spawned an enormous world-wide experimental effort. Relating nuclear decay rates to high-energy, beyond the standard model (BSM) physics requires detailed knowledge of nonperturbative QCD effects. Using lattice QCD, we compute the necessary matrix elements of short-range operators, which arise due to heavy BSM mediators, that contribute to this decay via the leading order π^{-}→π^{+} exchange diagrams. Utilizing our result and taking advantage of effective field theory methods will allow for model-independent calculations of the relevant two-nucleon decay, which may then be used as input for nuclear many-body calculations of the relevant experimental decays. Contributions from short-range operators may prove to be equally important to, or even more important than, those from long-range Majorana neutrino exchange.

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