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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Radial Spin Texture of the Weyl Fermions in Chiral Tellurium.

  • Author(s): Gatti, G;
  • Gosálbez-Martínez, D;
  • Tsirkin, SS;
  • Fanciulli, M;
  • Puppin, M;
  • Polishchuk, S;
  • Moser, S;
  • Testa, L;
  • Martino, E;
  • Roth, S;
  • Bugnon, Ph;
  • Moreschini, L;
  • Bostwick, A;
  • Jozwiak, C;
  • Rotenberg, E;
  • Di Santo, G;
  • Petaccia, L;
  • Vobornik, I;
  • Fujii, J;
  • Wong, J;
  • Jariwala, D;
  • Atwater, HA;
  • Rønnow, HM;
  • Chergui, M;
  • Yazyev, OV;
  • Grioni, M;
  • Crepaldi, A
  • et al.

Trigonal tellurium, a small-gap semiconductor with pronounced magneto-electric and magneto-optical responses, is among the simplest realizations of a chiral crystal. We have studied by spin- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy its unconventional electronic structure and unique spin texture. We identify Kramers-Weyl, composite, and accordionlike Weyl fermions, so far only predicted by theory, and show that the spin polarization is parallel to the wave vector along the lines in k space connecting high-symmetry points. Our results clarify the symmetries that enforce such spin texture in a chiral crystal, thus bringing new insight in the formation of a spin vectorial field more complex than the previously proposed hedgehog configuration. Our findings thus pave the way to a classification scheme for these exotic spin textures and their search in chiral crystals.

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