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Search for extra dimensions in diphoton events from proton–proton collisions at root s= 7 TeV in the ATLAS detector at the LHC

  • Author(s): Avolio, G.
  • Deng, J.
  • Farrell, S.
  • Gough Eschrich, I.
  • Lankford, A. J.
  • Magnoni, L.
  • Mete, A. S.
  • Nelson, A.
  • Scannicchio, D. A.
  • Schernau, M.
  • Taffard, A.
  • Toggerson, B.
  • Unel, G.
  • Werth, M.
  • Wheeler-Ellis, S. J.
  • Whiteson, D.
  • Zhou, N.
  • ATLAS Collaboration, .
  • et al.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License
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