UCSC Traffic Center
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UCSC Traffic Center

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What I made for the Twine game is an educational game that helps to learn UCSC Traffic. Since I am visiting student from South Korea for this summer session, I didn't know how to take public transportations. When I first came to UC Santa Cruz, the global leaders help us to talk buses, for example, students can take bus free except 17, there is a jump bike or the direction to go to downtown. This motivates me to make this "UCSC Traffic Center for Visitors" game. The game contains seven stages and three hidden stages. There is one big game story penetrating all the stages, which is, "you are a visiting student from South Korea who doesn't know the traffic very well, and you want to learn how to take transportation" just like me! Also, there is a score on the control board, which is increased if you correct the answer. The stages are categorized into three sections, "inside", "downtown", and "san Jose" sections. At the last stage in each section, you will enter the hidden stage if your score is too low to pass. These hidden stages provide additional problems for each section. You can find "Hall of Fame" and "Hall of Shame" at the end of the game. It is revealed if you got 7 and 0, respectively. Unfortunately, I couldn't make a ranking board, but I think it will be great if it is in the Hall of Fame. I hope this game may help other visiting students who are the first to the UC Santa Cruz. Every summer, there will be many Korean students just like me! I really hope they can easily learn the traffic, and freely use them to travel to this beautiful city and university.

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