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Gender: Human Being

  • Author(s): Timmerman, McClaine Christian
  • Advisor(s): Livingston, Loretta
  • et al.


Gender: Human Being


McClaine Timmerman

Master of Fine Arts in Dance

University of California, Irvine, 2017

Loretta Livingston, Chair

The purpose of this research is to identify and analyze the connection between art and feminist theory, using dance as a main point of departure. The investigation of feminist theory in art provides a platform to create commentary on widespread projections of femininity in American visual and mass media culture. The research divulges how art continues to not only illuminate but also challenge conflicting notions of feminine beauty. In this thesis I provide analyses of three contemporary art makers whose work in performance and installation revolves around concepts of feminist theory. Additionally, I document my creative process in creating a multi-media dance theater concert about the “ideal” woman at the University California, Irvine. To encompass the findings within the research, an original monologue titled Pink Blanket was created and performed within the dance theater concert, giving voice to my personal relationship to feminist theory. The monologue is about a female who is experiencing the conflicting and unattainable expectations of the socially constructed “ideal” woman. The outcome of this research served me in my own understanding of my place among feminist art makers, and has inspired me to create more performance projects as an emergent feminist dance maker.

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