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Improved Limits on Scattering of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles from Reanalysis of 2013 LUX Data

  • Author(s): Akerib, DS
  • Araújo, HM
  • Bai, X
  • Bailey, AJ
  • Balajthy, J
  • Beltrame, P
  • Bernard, EP
  • Bernstein, A
  • Biesiadzinski, TP
  • Boulton, EM
  • Bradley, A
  • Bramante, R
  • Cahn, SB
  • Carmona-Benitez, MC
  • Chan, C
  • Chapman, JJ
  • Chiller, AA
  • Chiller, C
  • Currie, A
  • Cutter, JE
  • Davison, TJR
  • De Viveiros, L
  • Dobi, A
  • Dobson, JEY
  • Druszkiewicz, E
  • Edwards, BN
  • Faham, CH
  • Fiorucci, S
  • Gaitskell, RJ
  • Gehman, VM
  • Ghag, C
  • Gibson, KR
  • Gilchriese, MGD
  • Hall, CR
  • Hanhardt, M
  • Haselschwardt, SJ
  • Hertel, SA
  • Hogan, DP
  • Horn, M
  • Huang, DQ
  • Ignarra, CM
  • Ihm, M
  • Jacobsen, RG
  • Ji, W
  • Kazkaz, K
  • Khaitan, D
  • Knoche, R
  • Larsen, NA
  • Lee, C
  • Lenardo, BG
  • Lesko, KT
  • Lindote, A
  • Lopes, MI
  • Malling, DC
  • Manalaysay, A
  • Mannino, RL
  • Marzioni, MF
  • McKinsey, DN
  • Mei, DM
  • Mock, J
  • Moongweluwan, M
  • Morad, JA
  • Murphy, ASJ
  • Nehrkorn, C
  • Nelson, HN
  • Neves, F
  • O'Sullivan, K
  • Oliver-Mallory, KC
  • Ott, RA
  • Palladino, KJ
  • Pangilinan, M
  • Pease, EK
  • et al.

© 2016 American Physical Society. We present constraints on weakly interacting massive particles (WIMP)-nucleus scattering from the 2013 data of the Large Underground Xenon dark matter experiment, including 1.4×104 kg day of search exposure. This new analysis incorporates several advances: single-photon calibration at the scintillation wavelength, improved event-reconstruction algorithms, a revised background model including events originating on the detector walls in an enlarged fiducial volume, and new calibrations from decays of an injected tritium β source and from kinematically constrained nuclear recoils down to 1.1 keV. Sensitivity, especially to low-mass WIMPs, is enhanced compared to our previous results which modeled the signal only above a 3 keV minimum energy. Under standard dark matter halo assumptions and in the mass range above 4 GeV c-2, these new results give the most stringent direct limits on the spin-independent WIMP-nucleon cross section. The 90% C.L. upper limit has a minimum of 0.6 zb at 33 GeV c-2 WIMP mass.

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