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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Attosecond spectroscopy of band-gap dynamics

  • Author(s): Schultze, M
  • Ramasesha, K
  • Bothschafter, E
  • Sommer, A
  • Pemmaraju, CD
  • Sato, SA
  • Whitmore, D
  • Gandman, A
  • Prell, JS
  • Borja, LJ
  • Prendergast, D
  • Yabana, K
  • Neumark, DM
  • Krausz, F
  • Leone, SR
  • et al.

The ability to transfer electrons from valence to conduction band states in a semiconductor is the basis of modern electronics. Here, attosecond spectroscopy is used to resolve this process in real-time. The excitation of electrons across the band-gap of silicon by few-cycle laser pulses is found to induce lasting modifications of the XUV absorbance spectrum in steps synchronized with the laser electric field oscillations, indicative of light-field induced electron tunneling [1]. In contrast, in SiO2, a dielectric with 9 eV band-gap, similar excitation pulses are found to cause a transient field-induced polarizability without lasting population transfer [2].

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