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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Correlations of neutron multiplicity and γ -ray multiplicity with fragment mass and total kinetic energy in spontaneous fission of Cf 252

  • Author(s): Wang, T
  • Li, G
  • Zhu, L
  • Meng, Q
  • Wang, L
  • Han, H
  • Zhang, W
  • Xia, H
  • Hou, L
  • Vogt, R
  • Randrup, J
  • et al.

The dependence of correlations of neutron multiplicity ν and γ-ray multiplicity Mγ in spontaneous fission of Cf252 on fragment mass A∗ and total kinetic energy (TKE) have been investigated by employing the ratio of Mγ/ν and the form of Mγ(ν). We show for the first time that Mγ and ν have a complex correlation for heavy fragment masses, while there is a positive dependence of Mγ for light fragment masses and for near-symmetric mass splits. The ratio Mγ/ν exhibits strong shell effects for neutron magic number N=50 and near doubly magic number shell closure at Z=50 and N=82. The γ-ray multiplicity Mγ has a maximum for TKE=165-170 MeV. Above 170 MeV Mγ(TKE) is approximately linear, while it deviates significantly from a linear dependence at lower TKE. The correlation between the average neutron and γ-ray multiplicities can be partly reproduced by model calculations.

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