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A Case for Parallelism: Reduplication-repair Interaction in Maragoli


This paper carries out a detailed investigation into new data from Maragoli displaying an interaction between reduplication and hiatus repair. The data give rise to paradoxical, opportunistic orderings of phonological processes: in one set of inputs, copying before repairing avoids a complex onset, while in another set, repairing before copying avoids an onsetless syllable and maximizes word-internal self-similarity. Based on attested words and nonce probedata elicited from a native speaker, I argue that a successful analysis of the interaction requires direct comparison between forms derived by opposite orders of phonological changes. Theorderings receive a full analysis in Parallel Optimality Theory (Prince & Smolensky 1993/2004) but translate into constraint ranking paradoxes in Harmonic Serialism with Serial TemplateSatisfaction (McCarthy et al. 2012). The data thus constitute evidence for irreducible parallelism in the sense of McCarthy (2013).

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