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Open Access Publications from the University of California

A locality-based threading algorithm for the configuration-interaction method

  • Author(s): Shan, H
  • Williams, S
  • Johnson, C
  • McElvain, K
  • et al.

The Configuration Interaction (CI) method has been widely used to solve the non-relativistic many-body Schrodinger equation. One great challenge to implementing it efficiently on manycore architectures is its immense memory and data movement requirements. To address this issue, within each node, we exploit a hybrid MPI+OpenMP programming model in lieu of the traditional flat MPI programming model. In this paper, we develop optimizations that partition the workloads among OpenMP threads based on data locality,-which is essential in ensuring applications with complex data access patterns scale well on manycore architectures. The new algorithm scales to 256 threadson the 64-core Intel Knights Landing (KNL) manycore processor and 24 threads on dual-socket Ivy Bridge (Xeon) nodes. Compared with the original implementation, the performance has been improved by up to 7× on theKnights Landing processor and 3× on the dual-socket Ivy Bridge node.

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