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Modern Guitar Techniques; a view of History, Convergence of Musical Traditions and Contemporary Works (A guide for composers and guitarists)


The purpose of this work is to provide an understanding of the performance techniques used in the practice of the classical guitar today, especially those relevant to the contemporary repertoire of the instrument. The techniques are broken down in accordance with their origins: some come directly from the classical performance tradition of the instrument in Europe, whereas others have been acquired from other performance traditions, including flamenco, American and Latin-American, and even Asian. The work demonstrates how the evolution of guitar technique has been continuous and is still ongoing. It shows how it is possible to acquire a certain technique, take it out of its original context, and turn it into a new way of expression on the instrument. The correlation of every technique with its original tradition or source allows the reader to connect or even identify with the material at many different levels: musical, social, and historical. At the same time, it shows how these techniques can be used in different and hitherto unimaginable ways. Every technique is shown in its original and pure state, but is also presented in the context of contemporary works by important composers. Even in the case of new and different ways of playing the instrument, therefore, everything has been tested and used. There is no speculation, but rather a catalog of possibilities. The guitar is an instrument with a wealth of possibilities for the articulation of its sound. This is the view privileged by the present work. It is intended for musicians interested in the guitar, for guitarists who want to perform the modern repertoire, and for composers interested in writing for the instrument.

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