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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2013

Emma Lundberg (Editor in Chief) is a senior English major and Music minor. This will be her fifth and final semester at the BUJ. In addition to her academic studies, Emma enjoys learning foreign languages and playing violin in the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra.

Minerva Ramirez (Layout Editor) is a junior English major and Theater, Dance and Performances Studies minor with a focus on technical theater. She enjoys watching anime, drawing in Photoshop, and walking around North Berkeley.

Natalie Oveyssi (Managing Editor) is a sophomore Sociology major and Conservation and Resource Studies minor. In her spare time, she enjoys reading everything from Jane Austen to J.K. Rowling.

Aditya Ramachandran (Senior Editor) is a sophomore Political Science and intended Economics double major. While he isn’t busy with schoolwork and editing, he can often be found trying to learn how to play the piano and in the student section during sports games, usually cheering along with the Cal Rally Committee.

Ashley Gonik (Senior Editor) is a freshman, reading and writing her way through a History major and Jewish Studies minor. She is enthusiastically learning German in anticipation of a semester abroad. She enjoys auditing classes outside her field of concentration and watching excessive amounts of British television.

Britney Karim (Senior Editor) is pre-law with an English major and an African American studies minor. She enjoys reading, writing for The Black Sheep, a college humor magazine, and competing in the equestrian show circuit.

Christiana Dunlap (Senior Editor) is a Political Science major who will be graduating this spring. When she is not engaging in lively political debates or reading the news, she can be found rocking out with her band on the drums.

Daniela Messarina (Junior Editor) is a junior transfer student pursuing a degree in Media Studies and a minor in Chicano studies. As a first-generation college student, she hopes to attend graduate school and travel to as many countries around the world.

Angela Gabrielle Guison (Junior Editor) is a senior pursuing a degree in Rhetoric with a minor in Education. Her interests include experimenting with film photography, seeing the Bay area from Grizzly Peak, and making "to-do" lists.

Jackie Ayala (Junior Editor) is a junior majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies with a focus on environmental health and media.

Lauren Meyer (Junior Editor) is a senior majoring in Media Studies with an emphasis on political affairs. On top of her work at the BUJ, she is also a research apprentice. When not in class or at her desk doing schoolwork, she can be found at the yoga studio.

Marlena Holland (Junior Editor) is a sophomore Rhetoric major and Education minor at UC Berkeley. When she’s not editing for the BUJ, Marlena is most likely to be found exploring the local music scene, baking up a batch of homemade granola, or reading over coffee at one of her favorite cafes.

Meadhbh McGrath (Junior Editor) is a junior English and Philosophy student visiting UC Berkeley from Trinity College, Dublin. Meadhbh is involved in a number of campus publications and enjoys watching films, reading detective novels, and playing with dogs.

Robert Morgan (Junior Editor) is a senior English major originally from Pasadena, California. A devout night owl, he can often be found reading and writing into the early morning hours. He is extremely grateful for his time at Cal and is looking forward to many adventures in the publishing world.

Sophie Kennedy-Cooke (Junior Editor) is a junior English major. She is an international exchange student and will be returning to England in the fall. She loves to travel and has enjoyed exploring Berkeley, San Francisco, and California.

Tammy Lian (Senior Editor) is a junior at UC Berkeley pursing a double major in English and Music. She is most likely to be found reading or practicing the violin, but also enjoys designing cards and discovering other crafty pastimes.

Tina Karimi (Senior Editor) will be graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Media Studies and a minor in Public Policy. During her time at Berkeley, she has been an editor at the BUJ, a blogger for a fashion website, and an undergraduate researcher at the Goldman School of Public Policy.

Yvonne Ng (Junior Editor) is a freshman Economics major. Outside of classes, she is a reporter for the campus newspaper, The Daily Californian, and she also tries to pick up some classical literature whenever she can.

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