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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Parks Stewardship Forum

UC Berkeley

Aim & Scope

Parks Stewardship Forum delivers interdisciplinary information and problem-solving techniques across all topics relevant to the world’s parks, protected areas, cultural sites, and other forms of place-based conservation. The journal represents all areas of inquiry relevant to understanding and management of parks, protected areas, cultural sites, and other forms of place-based conservation, including but not limited to the natural sciences, cultural resources-related disciplines, social sciences, and interdisciplinary perspectives. Parks Stewardship Forum will include research and scholarship in all these areas, as well as in the areas of governance, management practice, and conservation theory and history.

Editorial goals

We believe that effective place-based conservation requires thinking that goes beyond the horizons of a single specialty or discipline. Parks Stewardship Forum is all about making connections: among different ways of thinking, different ways of acting, and different ways of engaging the public. We are especially interested in submissions that:

  • Spotlight multidisciplinary problem-solving techniques and results as pertain to parks, protected areas, cultural sites, and other effective measures for protecting and conserving special places.
  • Explicitly link research understanding with management action. We want to highlight leading-edge conservation scholarship from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities whose findings are immediately useful to, and usable by, managers on the ground.
  • Connect place-based heritage conservation with broader issues such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, public health, education, jobs, Indigenous sovereignty, and environmental justice.
  • Take a strong point of view, clearly articulated and backed by rigorous thinking.