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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Editorial Board


Angela C. Jenks,University of California, Irvine, ajenks [at]

Online Content Editor

Katie Nelson, Inver Hills Community College, knelson [at]

Student Content Editors

Tanya Matthan, University of California, Los Angeles, tanyamatthan [at]

Alexandria Petit-Thorne, York University, Alpeth [at]

Reviews Editor

Nina Brown, The Community College of Baltimore County

Communications Director

Mélissa Gauthier, University of Victoria, meligau [at]

Editorial Board (2018-2021)

Kim Fortun, University of California, Irvine

Charles Piot, Duke University

Magdalena Villarreal Martinez, CIESAS Occidente

Pablo Mateos, CIESAS Occidente

Thomas McIlwraith, University of Guelph

Robert Muckle, Capilano University

Samuel Collins, Towson University

Matthew Durington, Towson University