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Aim and Scope

Territories is a new and innovative international journal that covers the evolution of theories, notions and concepts, facts and interpretations of empirical analysis related to the field of regional studies. The journal aims to publish original research from an interdisciplinary angle, which deals with the economic, socio-political, environmental and philosophical dimensions of urban and non-urban (post-national) regions. The specific goal of Territories stands on the study, debate and intellectual argument on how the global scenario provokes a new understanding, recognition and evolution of regional realities around the world, which go beyond the national concept. This journal will publish papers that engage with the economic and political conditions that have a founded impact towards regional realities, and vice versa. It is important to note that this reverse angle is crucial to understand the global scene today. Territories represents a new agora where to bring critical perspectives that may help to understand and change the current hegemonic conditions.