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Call for Papers


Territories: A Trans-Cultural Journal of Regional Studies

Number 2 | Issue 1

  “(Ultra)Minor/Small Literatures on the Brink: Historiographies of the 20th Century Revisited”


Memory and history are the paths that normally minority cultures follow to encounter their identities, along with the continuous practice of their own collective imaginary. These two activities, however, resemble different scenarios. Whilst the practice of a culture serves for reaffirmation proposes, the analysis and discussion of history and memories serves for reflection. Yet, the access to memory and history is also dependent on the language, style, tone, voice and prose of the narratives that reflect the backbone of any given culture, and these factors serve to shape the symbolism of past events.


Specially Western societies have a recollection of historical events narrated in dominant (and dominating) languages and cultures. The major events, the most significant ones in recent history, are described from hegemonic perspectives. This recollection of events still lacks the scope of the subaltern, marginal or peripheric. The very perception of territories and regions is blurred when the official narratives are translated into local dialects to resemble these collective imaginaries. Literature, at its purest, shapes the view we have of our own past.


The nuances that (ultra)minor/small literatures can contribute with to the re-creation of memories is still an unexplored territory. This issue invites papers that deal with, but not limited to:


(Ultra)Minor/Small literatures and cultures

Translation Studies

Post-Colonial Literature

Philosophy and Literature


Subaltern Studies

Comparative Literature

Colonial Literature

Trans-Atlantic Literature

Early Modern and Medieval Literature

Iberian Literature

Peninsular Literature

Literature and Linguistics

Oriental and Occidental Studies

Religious Studies

Cultural Studies

Historiography and Literature

European Studies


The submission of the papers should be done via Territories website:


The papers should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words (bibliography and notes included).

Authors must follow the submission guideline available in the website.


Deadline: June 15, 2019


For questions/inquiries please contact

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