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Aim and Scope

Streetnotes is a peer-reviewed journal for the interdisciplinary study of the city, its lifeways and social relations, with a special concern for the cultural and aesthetic forms that arise through its traffic. We publish qualitative sociology, critical essays, documentary photography, poetry and visual arts informed by the ethnographic exploration of contemporary and historic urban forms.

Our name, Streetnotes is a turn on the word ‘fieldnotes’, as such our journal seeks methodological innovation and critical engagement through works which lay bare the poetics of discovery, display and analysis of street observations. Towards this end we publish work of seasoned and aspiring scholars, social scientists, artists, photographers and poets engaged in creative ways of making sense of, and questioning the familiar and strange of urban life in the effort to build empirically based social theory.

To nurture the humanistic exploration of the city as a social form, Streetnotes seeks to develop through its publications a popular ethnographic tradition, one that encourages the mass reflection and critical grasp of the concrete matrix of urban social life.