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<em>CPC-EM</em> Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPC-EM?
Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine (CPC-EM) is a new journal affiliated with the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine (WestJEM) and will offer the latest in patient care case reports and images in the field of emergency medicine. The new journal is fully open-access, peer reviewed, and available anywhere with an internet connection, free of cost. Authors maintain their own copyright and may post and share the manuscript anywhere they wish. CPC-EM encourages submission of case reports and images from junior authors, faculty, and residents of established and developing international EM programs. CPC-EM fills the demand for publication and dissemination of this important clinical content. The new journal fosters junior scholarship and helps grow the specialty both domestically and internationally.

Where is the journal repository of papers?
Published articles appear on our website ( as a PDF. We also provide electronic full-text issues through ISSUU.

How do I submit a paper to CPC-EM?
Submit articles through eScholarship:
Submitted papers must follow submission guidelines:;view=submissionguidelines

What is the average time from submission to publication?
Submission to first decision: 6 weeks
Acceptance to electronic publication: 6 additional weeks
Submission to electronic publication: 3.5 months

What are the total subscription and distribution circulation numbers?
Total 19,000 bimonthly electronic subscriptions. This includes 83 academic department of emergency medicine subscribers and 7 AAEM State Chapters.

What are the department sponsor benefits for subscribing to CPC-EM?
All departments that subscribe to CPC-EM enjoy a reduced article processing fee for all faculty members from the department. All faculty members and residents of department sponsors receive four electronic full text issues electronically. In addition, departments advertise for Continued Medical Education (CME) conferences and open faculty and fellow positions, on a space-available basis, in electronic issues free of charge. All departments’ open access support is acknowledged in each issue and our website.

What is CPC-EM’s article processing fee?
There is never a charge to submit an article. The article processing fee (APF) for accepted articles is $500 regardless of article type. However, if any author of the accepted article is a full-time member of a CPC-EM department supporter, this charge is reduced 15%. CPC-EM reduces the APF after acceptance upon application of authors from low or lower middle income countries, on a case by case basis. Please contact to request this fee waiver after acceptance.

As a completely open-access journal, CPC-EM authors retain their copyright, and can reuse their material at will. Full manuscripts from CPC-EM are immediately freely available on the internet in perpetuity to all readers. Open-access publishing costs are covered by the APF, as well as academic department sponsorships (currently 72). CPC-EM’s APF is among the lowest in the world, much lower than other open access EM journals ($1,500-3,000 per paper).

Why do Open Access journals charge for publication?
There are two major economic models for journal publication, subscription and open-access. Subscription journals rely on revenue from libraries and individuals, as well as advertising revenue in print and online. Newer, open-access publishers have few if any individual subscribers, and advertising revenue is limited or absent. Both types perform legitimate peer review, and have publication costs for online and perhaps print publishing. The cost to publish an average research article is $1500-3000 or more. CPC-EM defrays costs with academic department and society sponsorships, so our APF for accepted articles is among the lowest in the world, but not free. Subscription journals are “free” to the author, but charge consumers (readers of your work) to access the full manuscript, typically $35. If you belong to the journal’s sponsoring society, you receive the journal as a member benefit. In addition, authors of papers published in subscription journals typically sign away their rights to their own intellectual property as a condition of publication. With open-access publishers, the authors retain their own copyright. So you can sign your rights away for “free” publication, or retain them and pay a modest APF with CPC-EM.

Why is CPC-EM Open Access?
The founding principle of the CPC-EM is free dissemination of research and best practices to the world. We believe that each author owns their intellectual property, and should not need to sign it away as a precondition to be published. We thereby encourage free exchange of ideas and scholarship as a public resource. Our authors’ work receives increased visibility, leading to a more valuable impact.

Contact Us

Editorial and Publishing Office
CPC-EM/Department of Emergency Medicine
UC Irvine Health
Phone: 1-714-456-6389

For Department, State Chapter or Individual subscriptions, please contact:

Alissa Fiorentino
CPC-EM Staff Liaison
Phone: 1-800-884-2236 ext. 8258