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The Paul Merage School of Business combines the academic strengths and best traditions of the University of California with the cutting-edge, entrepreneurial spirit of Orange County. The School's thematic approach to business education is: sustainable growth through strategic innovation.

Paul Merage School of Business

There are 236 publications in this collection, published between 1972 and 2019.
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Spiced: The Global Marketing of Psychoactive Substances

Graham hopes to expose marketing’s role in sustaining our addiction to sugar, tobacco, and other psychoactive substances and to then inspire a discussion of strategies for reining in that marketing. 

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Enterprise Risk Management: Review, Critique, and Research Directions

© 2014 Elsevier Ltd. Many regulators, rating agencies, executives and academics have advocated a new approach to risk management: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). ERM proposes the integrated management of all the risks an organization faces, which inherently requires alignment of risk management with corporate governance and strategy. Academic research on ERM is still in its infancy, with articles largely in accounting and finance journals but rarely in management journals. We argue that ERM offers an important new research domain for management scholars. A critical review of ERM research allows us to identify limitations and gaps that management scholars are best equipped to address. This paper not only identifies how management scholars can contribute to ERM research, but also points out why ERM research (and practice) needs management research for its development.

Auditor Independence, Dismissal Threats, and the Market Reaction to Auditor Switches

The article presents information on the effect of auditor changes on security prices in both a mechanical decision rule and in the possibility that an adverse audit opinion may lead to dismissal. The analysis implies that the stock price response to the announcement of an auditor change depends on the preswitch audit opinion. The author contends that his research proves auditor switches can be good for investors and that even when they are costless, and there is no collusion between auditor and firm, market reaction can be negative.

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