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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Submission Guidelines


  • Please keep the case report length to 2000 words or less.
  • Please use no more than 10 references.
  • Please have no more than 5 authors.
  • Please use Arial 12 Font.
  • Please double space the body of your manuscript. Please single space your references.

Title of Case

Be creative and mysterious about your title. Does not need to have “case report” in the title.


Up to 150 words summarizing the case presentation and outcome. Emphasize the learning points


  • Why is this case of interest to the audience?
  • Is this a prevalent health problem?

Case Presentation

  • How did they present?
  • What is the relevant history and findings?

Differential Diagnosis – If relevant

Please do not list them. What we want to see is how the final diagnosis is teased out from the differential diagnosis and possible consequences if management/treatment were initiated for the differential diagnosis instead.

Treatment – If relevant

Please include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological (surgery, supportive care, etc).

Outcome and Follow-Up

Always include follow up data when you can with a defined follow-up period.


An opportunity to describe mechanisms of injury, guidelines and their relevance, diagnostic pathways, and points of interest of the case.

Please include 3-5 learning points – what you want the audience to remember when seeing their own patients.


Please use Vancouver style for formatting.

Figure/Video Captions

We encourage color images and video files that illustrate your case most effectively.


Read the case presentation back to yourself. Is there a natural flow form presentation to discharge and follow-up? Are all decisions explained?

Do not be afraid to write about complications. They are universal and learning from each other’s experience is key in medicine.

The discussion of pitfalls is especially valuable for learning in case reports.