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List of Books for Review

List of Books for Review


The following titles are available for review in the Electronic Green Journal

Click on the title to visit the publisher’s website for more information. If you have titles you would like to suggest for review, please contact me. Titles in bold are making their last appearance on the list.


To request a title to review, please contact: Abbey Lewis, Book Review Editor.


Publishers, please email before sending books for review.


Updated:        March 5, 2019


Title List

Titles are linked to the publishers’ websites so reviewers may find more information quickly.


Shocks, States, and Sustainability: The Origins of Radical Environmental Reforms; Rudel, T.K. (2019) New York, NY: Oxford University Press

Ocean Recovery: A Sustainable Future for Global Fisheries; Hilborn, R. and Hilborn, U. (2019) New York, NY: Oxford University Press