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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Department of Sociology, UCLA


Located in Los Angeles, the city that the world watches to detect the shape of the future, UCLA Sociology sets the discipline's pace. Our internationally-renowned faculty spans the entire disciplinary gamut, from conversation analysis and ethnomethodology on one end, to mathematical sociology on the other, and with virtually every other major specialty represented. We study any number of topics, from the past (18th century China) to the future (the internet); from here (Los Angeles) to there (Eastern and Western Europe; southeast Asia; Latin America); from the smallest-scale (two people in conversation) to the largest (world empires). Committed to methodological diversity, we boast the largest contingent of ethnographers of any department, working in friendly co-existence with a very sophisticated group of quantitative researchers. We conduct sociological research in a myriad of ways, whether through direct observation, archival work, recording of naturally occurring data, large-scale sample surveys, experiments, or secondary data analysis.