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Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be of previously unpublished, original material. Please do not include your name or other identifying information in the body of your article.

All manuscripts must be submitted electronically either through the automated system by clicking here or on the Submit Article link on the left, or by email to the editors whose addresses are available on each issue's call for papers.

File format

All submissions must be in Word (.doc) or RTF. They will be transformed in PDF files automatically by the submission system. We are sorry but the system does NOT accept Word Perfect files.

In order for your fonts to be transferable in all formats, please embed them according to the following instructions (Word 2003):

Open up your Word document.Go to the 'Tools' menu up at the top and select the bottom-most choice there, 'Options'This will open up the 'Options' window. Please select the tab entitled, 'Save'On the left-hand side of this tab, the third or fourth selection from the top has the caption 'Embed True Type Fonts'. Please make sure that the box beside this text is checked.Checking that box will make available the two indented boxes below the 'Embed True Type Fonts' box. Please make sure that both boxes are unchecked.Click 'OK'Save your Word document.Submit that saved document.

For Vista/Word 2007

Open up the Word 2007.Go to the 'Quick Access Bar' menu up at the upper left hand corner near the top and select 'Print Preview'.Select 'Options' icon.Select 'Save' from the left-hand side column.Locate "Preserve the fidelity when sharing this document".Check box "Embed fonts in file". Make sure boxes labeled "Embed only the characters…" and "Do not embed common system fonts" remain unchecked.Click 'OK'Save your Word document.


All submissions must be in English, Spanish or Portuguese for review. All abstracts must be in English. Quotations in languages other than English, Spanish or Portuguese must be accompanied by translations.


For INITIAL submission, TSJ has no general rules about the formatting (footnotes, bibliography etc.) of articles. For initial review of your essay any thorough and accurate system of documentation is acceptable, though we prefer the MLA or APA style’s note and bibliography system (see below).

For FINAL submission whether in English, Spanish or Portuguese, please follow EITHER the MLA or APA style citation format - one of the two, including the notes and bibliography system is required for your paper to be published in TSJ. You can view the MLA style manual at: and the APA style manual at: or

Submissions' length

Customary submissions' length is between 15 and 50 pages (up to 12,000 words), except for translations, or texts that require special formats, which the issue editors will consider on an ad hoc basis.

Images etc.

The digital format allows us to publish images (300dpi x1080ppi), film and sound clips. Best formats are AVI. MOV. and MP4. Size of images and movie files must be below 25 mb.


If the contribution is accepted, the author is responsible for obtaining all copyright permissions and submitting them to the managing editor in a timely manner.

How We Review Submissions

We will acknowledge receipt of your essay. All essays submitted will be read.

TSJ is a peer-reviewed academic journal. Submissions considered for publication are sent to board members and external reviewers for comment and a decision is made after the comments are received. Your name is not included on the manuscript in this process. The whole review process usually takes about three months.

We may ask for revisions based on the board's and readers' comments. If we do, we will give you a final decision on the revised essay as soon as you return it to us.