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About Cognitive Science & Psychology Undergraduate Lab at Berkeley (ULAB)

The CogSci/Psych ULAB is the Cognitive Sciences and Psychology division of the Undergraduate Lab @ Berkeley (ULAB). We are an entirely undergraduate-run lab consisting of project groups that replicate a published study and extend the methods based on an original idea throughout the academic year. 

Groups include four to five aspiring researchers seeking to cultivate and develop skills such as reading and analyzing literature, designing experiments, and writing and presenting their research. These groups are led by mentors, who guide mentees throughout the year-long project and are supported by an executive board and assigned graduate mentor. Their projects are presented to faculty members, graduate students, and fellow undergraduates at our annual symposium.

In addition to the research done by our project groups, CogSci/Psych ULAB has written modules for inexperienced researchers to further enrich their research skills. These modules span a range of different topics, including Python, MATLAB, R, MTurk, Qualtrics, and other statistics and data analysis techniques. Our lab space, the Henry H. Wheeler Jr. Brain Imaging Center, and future events are sponsored by the Wheeler Lab.