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Peer Review

The Journal for Learning through the Arts considers manuscripts for publication on the basis of their advancement of educational research, their scholarly competence and originality, and their contribution to the journal's goals of furthering arts integration and learning.

Each manuscript that is received is read by the Editors. Papers approved for review are considered anonymously by 2-3 reviewers selected from the journal's list of reviewers or by emerging scholars with expertise in the topic of the manuscript. The Editors will evaluate the reviews and determine whether the manuscript should be published as is, revised, or rejected. Authors re-submitting manuscripts are expected to complete their revisions in a timely manner.

Criteria for Reviewers

The following criteria are used to assess articles submitted to the Journal for Learning through the Arts:

Topic's significance

Significance of the article to arts education and particularly to the integration of the arts into education.

Theoretical framework

Review of literature provides a clear framework for interpreting/analyzing/describing the project.

Research design and methods

If applicable, the article clearly describes methods of selection, in-depth description of data collection procedures and how those procedures matched the research questions, ethical considerations (including verification of IRB approval); and the researcher's role in the study.


Clearly outlines the project and/or research analysis

Organization/Quality of writing/Presentation

Contributions to the field/Appropriateness and overall interest for this audience

Overall Recommendation:
Accept ______
_ Accept with minor revisions______
_ Modify substantially and resubmit _______
Reject _______

Please suggest revisions if possible.


Interested in reviewing articles for inclusion in the Journal for Learning through the Arts?

Please contact Maureen Burns ( to obtain extended information.