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Combinatorial Theory

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Papers accepted for publication

Papers accepted for publication in Combinatorial Theory which have not yet been published:

  • Federico Ardila
    The bipermutahedron

  • Sara Billey and Joshua P. Swanson
    The metric space of limit laws for q-hook formulas

  • Édouard Bonnet, Colin Geniet, Eunjung Kim, Stéphan Thomassé and Rémi Watrigant
    Twin-width II: small classes

  • Erwan Brugallé and Andrés Jaramillo Puentes
    Polynomiality properties of tropical refined invariants

  • Cesar Ceballos and Henri Mühle
    F- and H-triangles for nu-associahedra

  • Nick Early
    From weakly separated collections to matroid subdivisions

  • Christian Gaetz and Yibo Gao
    The hull metric on Coxeter groups

  • Barnabás Janzer
    A note on saturation for k-wise intersecting families

  • Karl Liechty and Thomas Kyle Petersen
    Monotone subsets in lattices and the Schensted shape of a Sós permutation

  • Amal Mattoo and Melissa Sherman-Bennett
    Saturation of Newton polytopes of type A and D cluster variables

  • Madhusudan Manjunath
    Tutte Short Exact Sequences of Graphs