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Combinatorial Theory

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Accepted Papers

Papers accepted for publication in Combinatorial Theory which have not yet been published:

  • Michael Curran, Claire Frechette, Calvin Yost-Wolff, Sylvester Zhang and Valerie Zhang
    A Lattice Model for Super LLT Polynomials

  • Sergey Dovgal, √Člie de Panafieu and Vlady Ravelomanana
    Exact enumeration of satisfiable 2-SAT formulae

  • Ben Drucker, Eli Garcia, Emily Gunawan, Aubrey Rumbolt and Rose Silver
    RSK tableaux and box-ball systems

  • Zachary Hunter
    An asymptotically tight lower bound for superpatterns with small alphabets

  • Alessandro Iraci, Roberto Pagaria, Giovanni Paolini and Anna Vanden Wyngaerd
    Rectangular analogues of the square paths conjecture and the univariate Delta conjecture

  • Eric Marberg and Kam Hung Tong
    Highest weight crystals for Schur Q-functions

  • Ashwin Sah, Mehtaab Sawhney and Yufei Zhao
    Paths of given length in tournaments