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Frontiers of Biogeography

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General enquiries should be made by e-mail to our editorial office:

Specific enquiries and proposals for contributions may be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at, and informal enquiries about the suitability of manuscripts specializing in particular areas of biogeography can also be made to Associate Editors with relevant expertise, as described for the members of the Editorial Board.

Frontiers of Biogeography is the scientific journal of the International Biogeography Society.  The Society's board (which is an elected body) appoints the chief editor(s) and specific responsibility for overview of the journal within the board rests with the Society's Vice-President for Communications.

The journal is published online through eScholarship.  EScholarship's physical address is CDL- California Digital Library, 415 20th St Classroom, 4th Flr, Oakland, CA 94612, USA.