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ISEE’s professional development resources for teaching STEM, were created for the Professional Development Program (PDP). The PDP prepared early-career scientists and engineers to be effective and inclusive professionals, with a focus on teaching authentic STEM learning experiences, and including other professional skills such as leadership, collaboration, mentoring, and project management.

Please refer to details within resources for permissions of use. For more information about ISEE resources and permissions to use, contact the Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators.

ISEE Professional Development Resources for Teaching STEM (PDP)

There are 16 publications in this collection, published between 2022 and 2022.
Example rubrics for assessing STEM practices and concepts (2)
Moment-to-moment teaching moves or “facilitation” (4)
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Leadership and teamwork development (3)
Themes framing professional development (3)
Vignettes for discussing interactions during teaching and learning (4)
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