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Locus coeruleus volume and cell population changes during Alzheimer's disease progression: A stereological study in human postmortem brains with potential implication for early-stage biomarker discovery

  • Author(s): Theofilas, P
  • Ehrenberg, AJ
  • Dunlop, S
  • Di Lorenzo Alho, AT
  • Nguy, A
  • Paraizo Leite, RE
  • Rodriguez, RD
  • Mejia, MB
  • Suemoto, CK
  • De Lucena Ferretti-Rebustini, RE
  • Polichiso, L
  • Nascimento, CF
  • Seeley, WW
  • Nitrini, R
  • Pasqualucci, CA
  • Jacob Filho, W
  • Rueb, U
  • Neuhaus, J
  • Heinsen, H
  • Grinberg, LT
  • et al.
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