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Giant Bladder Calculus in an Adult- A Persistent Problem in the Developing World: A Case Report


Introduction: Giant urinary bladder calculus in an adult is an uncommon entity. The number of patients with giant bladder calculi has decreased over recent years owing to wider availability of healthcare and better diagnostic modalities.

Case Report: We present a case of a young adult without any history of recurrent urinary tract infections or bladder outlet obstruction with giant vesical calculus who presented to the emergency department with gross hematuria, abdominal pain, and dysuria. Investigations revealed a large calculus in the urinary bladder, and suprapubic cystolithotomy was performed. A large stone of 6.5×6×5.5 centimeters, weighing 125 grams, was removed. On follow-up, the patient was free of any symptoms and cystoscopy was normal.

Conclusion: Urinary outflow obstruction must be ruled out in all patients with giant vesical calculus. Patients without any predisposing condition should be treated as a separate entity and evaluated accordingly. Multiple surgical treatment modalities are available for bladder calculus patients. Treatment is personalised as per size of stone, number of stones, and associated comorbidities.

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