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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Depth profile of uncompensated spins in an exchange bias system

  • Author(s): Roy, S.
  • Fitzsimmons, M.R.
  • Park, S.
  • Dorn, M.
  • Petracic, O.
  • Roshchin, Igor V.
  • Li, Zhi-Pan
  • Morales, R.
  • Misra, A.
  • Zhang, X.
  • Chesnel, K.
  • Kortright, J.B.
  • Sinha, S.K.
  • Schuller, Ivan K.
  • et al.

We have used the unique spatial sensitivity of polarized neutron and soft x-ray beams in reflection geometry to measure the depth dependence of magnetization across the interface between a ferromagnet and and antiferromagnet. The new uncompensated magnetization near the interface responds to applied field, while the uncompensated spins in the antiferromagnetic bulk are pinned, thus providing a means to establish exchange bias.

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