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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Packet Delivery Performance in Dense Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Author(s): Jerry Zhao
  • Ramesh Govindan
  • et al.

Wireless sensor networks promise fine-grain monitoring in a wide variety of environments. Many of these environments (indoor environments or habitats) can be harsh for wireless communication. From a networking perspective, the most basic aspect of wireless communication is the packet delivery performance: the spatio-temporal characteristics of packet loss, and its environmental dependence. These factors will deeply impact the performance of data acquisition from these networks. In this presentation, we report on a systematic medium-scale (up to sixty nodes) measurement of packet delivery in three different environments: an indoor office building, a habitat with moderate foliage, and an open parking lot. Our findings have interesting implications for the design and evaluation of routing and medium-access protocols for sensor networks.

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