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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Fastest Time to Cancer by Loss of Tumor Suppressor Genes or Oncogene Activation

  • Advisor(s): Wan, Frederic Y. M.
  • et al.
Creative Commons 'BY' version 4.0 license

Genetic instability promotes cancer progression (by increasing the probability of cancerous mutations) as well as hinders it (by imposing a higher cell death rate for cells susceptible to cancerous mutation).

With oncogene activation or the loss of tumor suppressor gene functions known to be responsible for a high percentage of breast and colorectal cancer (and a good fraction of lung cancer and other types as well), it is important to understand how genetic instability can be orchestrated toward carcinogenesis. In this context, this research gives a complete characterization of the optimal cell mutation rate for the fastest time to a target cancerous cell population through the loss of both copies of a tumor suppressor gene or through oncogene activation.

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