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Do human screams permit individual recognition? - Replication


The replication seeks to provide some insight into whether nonlinguistic vocalizations,such as screams, are able to aid humans in identifying individuals based solely on theirscreaming patterns. Participants were asked to distinguish vocalizers after listening to tworecordings. Response accuracies and discriminability indices were calculated to check for screamreceptiveness. We also interpreted d’ scores in order to break down response errors and accuracyfor each participant. According to our findings, the majority of listeners were able to distinguishindividuals based on their screams.The replication also focused on results derived from vocalizer gender differences. Byanalyzing the varying mean response latencies created by male and female vocalizers, we wereable to interpret how well humans are at discriminating against each gender's screams. The goalof this project is to further our understanding of the evolutionary purpose behind screams and toprovide further insight into how screams are related to an individual's identity.

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