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A Bibliography Of The Early Life History Of Fishes. Volume 1, List Of Titles


Dr. Hoyt granted the American Fisheries Society Early Life History Section permission to prepare, update, and distribute his 13,717-record bibliography (comprehensive for literature through 1987, but out-of-print) as a personal computer file or searchable resource on the Internet so long as the file is made available to all interested parties and neither it nor printed versions of it are sold for profit. Because of computer search capabilities, it was deemed unnecessary to provide a computer text version of Dr. Hoyt's subject, scientific name, common name, family name, and location indices (Volume II).

The file has now been further edited for duplicate records and errors. The update incorporates a file of records through 1997 provided by George W. Boehlert, references gleaned from over 25 academic and governmental web sites, and Current Contents software for published literature from 1999 to 5 August 2002. The bibliography now includes 15,596 records from 1842 through July 2002. Many references are yet to be identified and added to the bibliography for the period of 1988 through 1997 and especially the year 1998.

Bibliographic format generally follows American Fisheries Society guidelines except that standard journal abbreviations are acceptable.

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