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Open Access Publications from the University of California

An Ultra-Bright Pulsed Electron Beam with Low Longitudinal Emittance

  • Author(s): Zolotorev, Max
  • Commins, Eugene D.
  • Denes, P.
  • Heifets, Samuel
  • Hussain, Zahid
  • Lebedev, Gennnadi V.
  • Lidia, Steven M.
  • Robin, David S.
  • Sannibale, Fernando
  • Schoenlein, Robert W.
  • Vogel, Robert
  • Wan, Weishi
  • et al.

Most existing electron sources extract electrons from conductors. Since the actual temperature inside the conductor is much less than the Fermi temperature of the conduction electrons, the electron degeneracy (delta_f) is close to 1, the maximum allowed by the Pauli exclusion principle. However, during extraction several factors conspire together to reduce delta_f many orders of magnitude, limiting the achieved values to approx 10-5. A new concept is described for building a novel electron source designed to produce a pulsed beam with delta_f approx 2~;10-3 and longitudinal emittance four orders of magnitude smaller than currently achieved values. This high brightness, low longitudinal emittance regime enables a wide range of novel applications that utilize angstrom-scale spatial resolution and eV-scale energy resolution. The current state of a proof-of-principle experiment conducted at LBNL is also described.

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