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Open Access Publications from the University of California

A single-stage flux-corrected transport algorithm for high-order finite-volume methods

  • Author(s): Chaplin, C
  • Colella, P
  • et al.

We present a new limiter method for solving the advection equation using a high-order, finite-volume discretization. The limiter is based on the flux-corrected transport algorithm. We modify the classical algorithm by introducing a new computation for solution bounds at smooth extrema, as well as improving the preconstraint on the high-order fluxes. We compute the high-order fluxes via a method-of-lines approach with fourth-order Runge-Kutta as the time integrator. For computing low-order fluxes, we select the corner-transport upwind method due to its improved stability over donor-cell upwind. Several spatial differencing schemes are investigated for the high-order flux computation, including centered- difference and upwind schemes. We show that the upwind schemes perform well on account of the dissipation of high-wavenumber components. The new limiter method retains high-order accuracy for smooth solutions and accurately captures fronts in discontinuous solutions. Further, we need only apply the limiter once per complete time step.

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