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An Analysis of the Concentration of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide at Fixed Land Stations and over the Oceans based on Discrete Samples and Daily Averaged Continuous Measurements


This report presents original observational data and computer processed data used by Keeling et al. (1986a) in a study of the global transport of atmospheric carbon dioxide. In the first section of this report are listed daily averaged concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide at fixed stations and from an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean. Following these, in a second section, are listed data obtained from sample collections and direct observations on oceanic vessels. A third section lists a detailed analysis of the data of the first section. A final section lists a FORTRAN program which generates this data analysis from the daily averaged data of the first section. An explanation for each of the sections is furnished below as an aid in their use.

All data were calibrated to be consistent with the 1985 WMOIScripps manometric mole fraction scale of Keeling et al. (1985b). The data. all obtained by non-dispersive infrared gas analysis, were first computed as an adjusted index, defined to be linear with respect to the response of the gas analyzer used (Keeling et al. 1976). They were converted to the 1985 mole fraction scale by the formulation of Keeling et al. (1985b). An additional variable adjustment, made to adjusted index values measured before A.D. 1970, is described by Keeling (1985).

An earlier version of much of the data presented here (Keeling et al. 1986b) was published in connection with an article by Keeling and Heimann (1986). It appears in the microform edition of that article.

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