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Fish Bulletin No. 35. A Distributional List of the Species of Freshwater Fishes Known to Occur in California


Soon after coming to California in 1914, the senior author of this report began compiling the locality records of the freshwater fishes of the State with the ultimate object in view of preparing a distributional catalogue of the species that have been recorded from definite localities in California.

This work required a critical examination of all the literature pertaining to the freshwater fishes of the State, as species or kinds, in order that we might know not only what species are known to occur in California, but also the geographic distribution of each of those species within the State.

In the present publication we have given a Bibliography of all the papers of a faunistic character, that we have been able to consult dealing with the freshwater fishes of California. The titles in this Bibliography are arranged chronologically. Under each title is given a brief summary of what it contains relating to the subject in hand. Following the Bibliography is a Distributional List of all native species of freshwater fishes known to occur in California. This list is arranged systematically in accordance with the recently published Check-list of Fishes of North and Middle America by Jordan, Evermann & Clark.

Under each species are given all the definite localities from which it has been recorded, together with the authority for the record and the date of the record (which are usually in parenthesis), with the name under which recorded when that name is different from the present accepted name of the species.

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