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Author Correction: Building a global alliance of biofoundries.

  • Author(s): Hillson, Nathan;
  • Caddick, Mark;
  • Cai, Yizhi;
  • Carrasco, Jose A;
  • Chang, Matthew Wook;
  • Curach, Natalie C;
  • Bell, David J;
  • Feuvre, Rosalind Le;
  • Friedman, Douglas C;
  • Fu, Xiongfei;
  • Gold, Nicholas D;
  • Herrgård, Markus J;
  • Holowko, Maciej B;
  • Johnson, James R;
  • Johnson, Richard A;
  • Keasling, Jay D;
  • Kitney, Richard I;
  • Kondo, Akihiko;
  • Liu, Chenli;
  • Martin, Vincent JJ;
  • Menolascina, Filippo;
  • Ogino, Chiaki;
  • Patron, Nicola J;
  • Pavan, Marilene;
  • Poh, Chueh Loo;
  • Pretorius, Isak S;
  • Rosser, Susan J;
  • Scrutton, Nigel S;
  • Storch, Marko;
  • Tekotte, Hille;
  • Travnik, Evelyn;
  • Vickers, Claudia E;
  • Yew, Wen Shan;
  • Yuan, Yingjin;
  • Zhao, Huimin;
  • Freemont, Paul S
  • et al.

The original version of this Comment contained errors in the legend of Figure 2, in which the locations of the fifteenth and sixteenth GBA members were incorrectly given as '(15) Australian Genome Foundry, Macquarie University; (16) Australian Foundry for Advanced Biomanufacturing, University of Queensland.'. The correct version replaces this with '(15) Australian Foundry for Advanced Biomanufacturing (AusFAB), University of Queensland and (16) Australian Genome Foundry, Macquarie University'. This has been corrected in both the PDF and HTML versions of the Comment.

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