twine beta
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twine beta

  • Author(s): Kim, Donghyun
  • et al.
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Creative Commons 'BY' version 4.0 license

Theme words used Soulmate, Deer Reason for Designing this Game I’m a summer session student, and I stayed in UCSC for approx.10 days. The first thing that impressed me in here is that you can see deers everywhere on campus, even in front of your dormitories. I liked them and tried to be friend with them, but I failed to get closer to them every time. Therefore, after I heard the keyword about deer, I decided to make a game with deer. The second reason for designing this game is due to the fact that my English skills are not that good. I thought I’m not sufficient to make a complicated and mysterious game. Also, most of my friends are already combining their games with survival moods, mathematical questions, and lots of heavy topics. So I decided to make a light-weighted sweet game for kids. Links Links are used for basically two purposes in this game. First, some links are just button to move to the next passages, next stories. They just move players to another situation or themes. Second, there’re some links for players to make choices. Depending on their choices, the affinity between them and deer can increase, or they might fail. Endings&Design Goal This game has one hidden ending for fun, but it basically has only one end. It might not be desirable because regardless of the decisions they make, every player will eventually end up in the same ending. But I have to purpose to design my game in this way. First, basically I designed this game for kids, and I thought players have to feel success eventually. They might have various player experiences depending on what choices player made in the middle. Even though two main failure messages are not an ending itself, they might be treated as a sub-ending where players have to start from the beginning. Even though the end is fixed to success, there might be some difficulties and differences to reach there. Player Experiences. I want players to feel both difficulties of making a friend(or becoming a friend with deer, specifically) and kind of happiness when they succeeded to take a selfie with deer. For some initial failures, they might feel difficult to become a friend with them, but eventually, all of the players are going to have positive results. Also, I added some jokes and “just go to sleep” passages for fun. Feedbacks&Updates First feedback is that the overall game’s mood is not well represented. I only had textures and links in my alpha version, so the game itself doesn’t feel like interacting with deer. Therefore, I added background pieces of music and many pictures for players to acknowledge situations about each paragraph. Second, for failures and going back to first, many steps are actually unnecessary. For example, If some player failed in the second phase, they had to pass phase 1 to try differently in phase 2. This iterative works made players get bored. Therefore, to remove repeated works players had to be done, I fixed some links between them and grouped contents in passages with an if-else statement to remove redundant works.

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