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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Proposal to encode the Old North Arabian script in the SMP of the UCS

  • Author(s): Everson, Michael
  • Macdonald, Michael
  • et al.

This is a proposal to encode Old North Arabian in the international character encoding standard Unicode. Old North Arabian was published in Unicode Standard version 7.0 in June 2014. Old North Arabian, also called Ancient North Arabian, covers a group of scripts belonging to the South Semitic script family and located in western Arabia and the Levant. The earliest datable texts in Old North Arabian date to the mid-6th century BCE. It fell out of use after the 4c CE. Old North Arabian includes various forms, including Dadanitic, Minaic, Safaitic, Hismaic, Taymanitic, and Thamudic B.

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