Preliminary Target Selection for the DESI Emission Line Galaxy (ELG) Sample
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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Preliminary Target Selection for the DESI Emission Line Galaxy (ELG) Sample

  • Author(s): Raichoor, Anand;
  • Eisenstein, Daniel J;
  • Karim, Tanveer;
  • Newman, Jeffrey A;
  • Moustakas, John;
  • Brooks, David D;
  • Dawson, Kyle S;
  • Dey, Arjun;
  • Duan, Yutong;
  • Eftekharzadeh, Sarah;
  • Gaztañaga, Enrique;
  • Kehoe, Robert;
  • Landriau, Martin;
  • Lang, Dustin;
  • Lee, Jae H;
  • Levi, Michael E;
  • Meisner, Aaron M;
  • Myers, Adam D;
  • Palanque-Delabrouille, Nathalie;
  • Poppett, Claire;
  • Prada, Francisco;
  • Ross, Ashley J;
  • Schlegel, David J;
  • Schubnell, Michael;
  • Staten, Ryan;
  • Tarlé, Gregory;
  • Tojeiro, Rita;
  • Yèche, Christophe;
  • Zhou, Rongpu
  • et al.

DESI will precisely constrain cosmic expansion and the growth of structure by collecting $\sim$35 million redshifts across $\sim$80% of cosmic history and one third of the sky to study Baryon Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) and Redshift Space Distortions (RSD). We present a preliminary target selection for an Emission Line Galaxy (ELG) sample, which will comprise about half of all DESI tracers. The selection consists of a $g$-band magnitude cut and a $(g-r)$ vs. $(r-z)$ color box, which we validate using HSC/PDR2 photometric redshifts and DEEP2 spectroscopy. The ELG target density should be $\sim$2400 deg$^{-2}$, with $\sim$65% of ELG redshifts reliably within a redshift range of $0.6

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