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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Salmonella Urinary Tract Infection Heralding Thoracic Mycotic Aneurysm: Case Report as Medical Apology

  • Author(s): White, Jennifer
  • Golfus, Gabriel
  • Sadosty, Annie
  • et al.

We report a case as a patient apology as a means of teaching other physicians about a unique presentation of a rare disease. Salmonella species are unusually isolated organisms in urine. In the case described, appreciation for the rarity of Salmonella species in the urine facilitated recognition of a serious disseminated Salmonella infection. Physicians should consider disseminated Salmonella infection, as was found in a patient with an aortic mycotic aneurysm, after isolation of Salmonella in urine despite an initially benign clinical presentation.

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