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Field Quality Measurements of LARP $\hbox{Nb}_{3} \hbox{Sn}$ Magnet HQ02

  • Author(s): DiMarco, J
  • Ambrosio, G
  • Buehler, M
  • Chlachidze, G
  • Orris, D
  • Sylvester, C
  • Tartaglia, M
  • Velev, G
  • Yu, M
  • Zlobin, AV
  • Ghosh, A
  • Schmalzle, J
  • Wanderer, P
  • Borgnolutti, F
  • Cheng, D
  • Dietderich, D
  • Felice, H
  • Godeke, A
  • Hafalia, R
  • Joseph, J
  • Lizarazo, J
  • Marchevsky, M
  • Prestemon, SO
  • Sabbi, GL
  • Salehi, A
  • Wang, X
  • Ferracin, P
  • Todesco, E
  • et al.

© 2002-2011 IEEE. Large-aperture, high-field, Nb3Sn quadrupoles are being developed by the U.S. LHC accelerator research program (LARP) for the High luminosity upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider (HiLumi-LHC). The first 1 m long, 120 mm aperture prototype, HQ01, was assembled with various sets of coils and tested at LBNL and CERN. Based on these results, several design modifications have been introduced to improve the performance for HQ02, the latest model. From the field quality perspective, the most relevant improvements are a cored cable for reduction of eddy current effects, and more uniform coil components and fabrication processes. This paper reports on the magnetic measurements of HQ02 during recent testing at the Vertical Magnet Test Facility at Fermilab. Results of baseline measurements performed with a new multilayer circuit board probe are compared with the earlier magnet. An analysis of probe and measurement system performance is also presented.

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