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A combinatorial Schur expansion of triangle-free horizontal-strip LLT polynomials

Published Web Location Commons 'BY' version 4.0 license

In recent years, Alexandersson and others proved combinatorial formulas for the Schur function expansion of the horizontal-strip LLT polynomial $G_{\boldsymbol\lambda}(\boldsymbol x;q)$ in some special cases. We associate a weighted graph $\Pi$ to $\boldsymbol\lambda$ and we use it to express a linear relation among LLT polynomials. We apply this relation to prove an explicit combinatorial Schur-positive expansion of $G_{\boldsymbol\lambda}(\boldsymbol x;q)$ whenever $\Pi$ is triangle-free. We also prove that the largest power of $q$ in the LLT polynomial is the total edge weight of our graph.

Keywords: Charge, chromatic symmetric function, cocharge, Hall--Littlewood polynomial, jeu de taquin, LLT polynomial, interval graph, Schur function, Schur-positive, symmetric function.

Mathematics Subject Classifications: 05E05, 05E10, 05C15

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