Emerging Solutions to the Standby Power Problem
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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Emerging Solutions to the Standby Power Problem

  • Author(s): Gerber, Daniel
  • Meier, Alan
  • Hosbach, Robert
  • Liou, Richard
  • et al.

Despite technical advances in efficiency, devices in standby continue to consume a significant amount of energy. Finding practical, cost-effective reductions is difficult. While the power consumption per unit has fallen, the number of units continuously drawing power continues to grow. This work investigates a family of technologies that offers a means of greatly reducing standby consumption in many types of electrical products. The underlying principle involves producing a wake-up signal just before service is needed. The wake-up signal activates a footer switch, which connects the device to the power supply. This work studies and prototypes several methods of generating the wake-up signal. The first generates a wake-up signal from harvested light energy and is applicable to remote-controlled devices with a line of sight activation, such as set-top boxes, ceiling fans, and motorized curtains. The second method uses an RF-based wake-up signal to activate a wake-up radio and is applicable to any wireless products. No single technology will address all standby power situations; however, these emerging solutions appear to have broad applicability to save standby energy in miscellaneous loads.

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